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aid for a government hospital

gemgrass started this conversation
Northern Mindanao Medical Center is a government tertiary hospital with a 300 bed capacity in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. We are catering to more than 500 outpatients and more than 350 inpatients everyday. Considering the lack of wards and rooms due to insufficient government funding the hospital feel helpless to render services to the less fortunate. Patients who really need immediate medical attention could not be given services if the hospital is already overflowing with patients. You get to see patients lying in the sidewalk and corridors of the building just so they can be given outright medical attention. For this reason, We are seeking for any organization and or group/entity who have the heart to provide assistance in any way be it monetary, medicines, supplies, medical equipments, etc., for the expansion of the said hospital in order to be able to cater to the less fortunate who could not be given any medical and healkh assistance. For further inquiries and or willingness to pledge, please call  Dr. Ramon Moreno - OIC, Chief Medical Professional Staff in this number (+638822) 72-12-82 / +639178410322 (cell number).
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Im very glad to read that this medical center is providing more help and fecilites to patients.And they requesting help from other groups for mediciens to make that center much bette.



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Dual Diagnosis



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